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100 Song Mashup

100 Song Mashup

Released: November 19, 2019.

DJ Earworm has shared a brand new music video for his «100 Song Mashup» track.

Every year, he makes people talk about him. American DJ Earworm made a specialty out of mashup. At the end of the year, he released a video "United State Of Pop" which included the best songs of the past year (on the pop music scene and in the American definition of the term).

Particularity, this mashup is a montage of sound AND visual, carried out thanks to the clips of the artists.

This time, DJ Earworm has seen it big and just compiling, not the hits of 2019 but the 100 biggest hits of this decade, all in 3 minutes!

DECADE OF POP • 100 Song Mashup, You can watch it above.

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