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Annie LeBlanc - Utopia

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Annie LeBlanc - Utopia

Released: Oct 04, 2019.
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Fresh video Annie LeBlanc - Utopia

It’s remembering the good times when you’re going through the bad. It’s dreaming of Christmas morning after a hard week at school. It’s remembering why you’re working so hard instead of how hard the work is. It’s knowing how much your parents love you even if you’re in middle of a fight.

Annie Leblanc stopped by to talk her song Utopia, new music, her relationship with Asher Angel and growing up on Youtube!

“So much on my mind
Sometimes I can't escape it
Need a place to run and hide enough
Only so much I could take yeah

Silver lining
You came in
Break a smile even when
It rain on us

Thinking I could just stay here
Forever and on
I feel it with us

I'm right where I belong
That's why I'm
I'm so caught up
In the moments like this

That's why I'm
Nothing matters
When I'm in a Utopia “

Annie LeBlanc
- He also says