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Doja Cat - Rules

Doja Cat - Rules

Doja Cat - Rules Released: Oct 24, 2019.
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Doja Cat has shared a brand new music video for his Rules track

Written by Doja Cat and produced by Ben Billions, Salaam Remi and Tyson Trax, “Rules” reveals what the rapper expects from her lovers; lyrics include “Don’t play with my emotions” and “You got a whole lot of cash, and you know I want it.” The music video for the new single features Doja Cat as a “Cat Mafia” boss who seeks revenge against a villain when a deal goes wrong. With cat-like characteristics, Doja Cat lures the man into the car where she attacks him — in true feline fashion — with mice. Unfazed with her actions, she dances in front of a car as it is set on fire.

Rules, You can watch it above.