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GOT7-You Calling My Name

GOT7-You Calling My Name

GOT7 has shared a brand new music video for his "You Calling My Name" track. Released: November 04, 2019.
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GOT7-You Calling My Name

On November 4 at 6 p.m. KST, the group returned with their new mini album “Call My Name” and its title track “You Calling My Name.”

Hashtags trending evening worldwide included #CallMyNameMV, #GOT7_YouCallingMyName, #GOT7_니가부르는나의이름 (containing the song’s Korean title), and more as fans celebrated their comeback, shared favorite moments from their MV and clips from their showcase, and more.

You Calling My Name, You can watch it above.

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“You Calling My Name

I who made you cry
I hated myself
Only leaving scars
I resented my mistakes
Now without you
My name lost its meaning
Please call it again

My fatal mistake
Me without you, I'm fake
Sky without light, black
Every day is meaningless
Oh immature Bad guy
Oh the price for making you cry
Oh oh girl don't leave me, please come back
I was a fool

Since you've been gone
My reason for being has gone too
I didn't know it back then
Oh yeah yeah yeah

The sound of you calling for my name
I want to hear it, your voice
I didn't know how much I'll miss you
Please come back
Please give me one more chance“

- Song, excerpt