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DAWN has shared a brand new music video for his MONEY track.
Released: November 05, 2019.
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DAWN (Hyojong) has made his solo debut with digital single “MONEY”!

“MONEY” is DAWN’s first single since joining P NATION, an agency established by PSY. The lyrics for “MONEY” was written by DAWN and PSY, and both artists participated in composing the song as well. The song raises questions about the value of money.

MONEY, You can watch it above.

“No one answers. we don't see the end.
I don't think it's okay to fight every day.
It's worth it because you want it so much.
You can pay for it, like you've done.
Don, I want you.
No matter what, I don't want you.
Don, I hate you.
I'm sure it's time to get dirty, but why does it shine?

Take you highly higher
Who fills my empty heart
I want to ask, but my parents are asleep.
If you can't buy happiness with money,
How do you live
Can I live?
Don't give me an obvious answer. I'm not coming.
Don't you be a liar
If you give me the right answer, is it a snob

Dirty money, dirty light I
I'm gonna charge you for a look.
Dirty money, dirty light I
I'm gonna give you a luxury“

- Song, excerpt