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NK - ELEFANTE NK | Nastia Kamenskikh has shared a brand new music video for his ELEFANTE track.
Released: Oct 25, 2019.
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Fresh video ELEFANTE

Elefante promises to become a worldwide hit, because NK already knows how to conquer the authoritative international charts. Elefante is a tangle of melodic Ukrainian sopilka with traditional Latin American beats, which creates the atmosphere of a festive carnival.

NK is a cosmopolitan girl, she connects cultures, emphasizing that music knows no boundaries, which is why in her songs you can hear a mix of several languages: Spanish, English and native Ukrainian.

The Elefante video complements the lyrics of the song with mysterious undertones, where the main characters are special magical characters.

Elefante, You can watch it above.

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“ Un elefante
Muy elegante
La trompa muy larga
la trompa gigante

Muy larga
Uuuu gigante

Let me take you to a zoo
Zoo zoo zoo zoo zoo zoo
Seré tu pantera negra
Look at you look at you
Estarás conmigo alegre
Te llevaré a la jungla
Jungla la la la la la la
Vamos a jugar sin ropa
La trompa pa pa pa pa
La trompa pa pa pa pa
Ой летіли ми на тусу
I like the way you do it
Me gusta
Ой летіли з України
No seas tan adusto
I need you love
Esta noche
En tu coche
Entremos en el bosque
Donde está muy oscuro
Es muy duro? “

Nastia Kamenskikh
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