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IZA, Ciara and Major Lazer - Evapora

IZA, Ciara and Major Lazer - Evapora

Released: November 07, 2019.

IZA, Ciara and Major Lazer has shared a brand new music video for his «Evapora» track.

It will come as no surprise if, in the course of 2020, Iza reaches visibility beyond the borders of the Brazilian pop universe, gaining projection proportional to that obtained by Anitta in the international market in recent years.

On Friday, November 8, the release of Iza – Evapora's unreleased single, recorded by Carioca singer Ciara and Major Lazer, a trio also from the United States-signaled that Iza's international climb is not only viable, but is already underway.

IZA, Ciara and Major Lazer - Evapora

It should be remembered that the single evaporates to the Phonographic market in the showcase performed by the artist in New York (USA) in October.

The composition of the authorship is credited to Diplo, Mr Bas van Daalen, Jasper Helderman, Ciara, Gloria's Groove-Sergio Santos, Paul Bishop, and Ruxell, in addition to the own Iza, the Others is the music is hot, which adds to the time bustling, inhabited by Iza for two years, after the projection of the then-emerging artist in the reggae and Hulking (Marcelo Falcão, Paul Bishop, Steve Holy, Ruxell, and Iza, to 2017).

Evapora, You can watch it above.

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