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Released: November 30, 2019.

J.Y. Park Feat BIBI has shared a brand new music video for his «FEVER» track.

On November 30th at 6 p.m. KST, J.Y. Park, real name Park Jinyoung, came back to reveal the official music video for his latest single, “Fever”!

J.Y. Park himself wrote the lyrics, composed the music, and produced his latest comeback song. In his true personal fashion, both the track and video follows a sexy yet comedic concept with much inspiration drawn from the vaudeville scene.

Actress Cho Yeojeong, who made international headlines with the rise of the worldwide hit movie “Parasite,” acts as the female lead and love interest. Rapper Superbee and musician BIBI also lent their skills to create the perfect sound with J.Y. Park.

J.Y. Park is then set to go on a nationwide tour for “Park Jin Young Concert NO.1 X 50” where he will entertain attendees with hit songs as well as personal stories from behind-the-scenes.

FEVER, You can watch it above.

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“You know you're messing with all of me, right?
You don't get anything in your hands.
When did you come out of the House?
I just keep thinking about going home.
Oh, where did you come from?

Love scene, athlete, you're a fighter too.
I need to be harder than King Kupa. tactics.
Yeah, I feel like a dummy.
Where did you come from like this song hook song, huh?
You are a soloist, you are a poison, what? But I can't stop drinking.
You're totally addicted. you won't win any poison two.
Like Honey was applied to the whole house.
I can't get out of here. “

J.Y. Park Feat BIBI
- He also says / Song, excerpt

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