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Glass House

Glass House

Released: Oct 30, 2019.
Watch a video clip: «Glass House»

Machine Gun Kelly feat. Naomi Wild has shared a brand new music video for his Glass House track

The song is about mourning the death of Kelly's peers, namely Nipsey Hussle (in the first verse), Lil Peep and Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington (in the second verse). In the third verse, Kelly reflects on his personal life, namely his suicide attempt.

Glass House, You can watch it above.

“ All alone in the glass house
Lay awake 'til the sun's out
Thank the sky when you come down
Empty in the driveway
Caffeine for the heartache
Never wanna have it my way

[Machine Gun Kelly:]
Yeah, I fuck up and lose control
Burnt so many bridges, got nowhere to go
Bitches got these motives like Anna Nicole
I'm smoking cigarettes alone until it burn a hole
In my lungs, in my soul, in my denim coat
Same place I'ma keep that knife if I'ma slit my throat
This shit ugly, I was just with Nipsey, now he ghost
They even got my homie Pete out here, like, fuck the jokes

[Naomi Wild (Machine Gun Kelly):]
All alone in the glass house (Just keep it going)
Lay awake 'til the sun's out
Thank the sky when you come down
(Sometimes I wanna fucking scream or run away, I don't know)“

Machine Gun Kelly Naomi Wild
- Song, excerpt