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Majka x Essemm - Hidegvérrel

Majka x Essemm - Hidegvérrel

Released: Oct 11, 2019.
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Majka x Essemm has shared a brand new music video for his In cold blood track.

Majka x Essemm finally came up with a new song that really excited the fans. 12 October at night it is a timely moment. During this time, many watched this song, and fans were eager for a new track.

Majka x Essemm - In cold blood You can watch it above.

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“ Two little girls at the piano
They've got lipstick on their faces.
This afternoon at grandma's.
But tonight it's just the past
They're acting like we're pretending
They can't stand the blood
And if they have a little more grace
They'll kill you in cold blood.

For this girl, my kind is not an item.
He'll lead you on and eat you in cold blood
Don't play with his patience.
You throw yourself on your back, but he never kneels.
Everything is as you wish
He'd bite every guy's heart
For his body is fire, his soul is ice
And even though you say it's enough for you“

Majka x Essemm
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