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Released: November 14, 2019.

MAMAMOO has shared a brand new music video for his «HIP» track.

Hip, the MAMAMOO comeback where they spit at fashions

They follow the K-pop Idol comebacks and MAMAMOO pulls out his dance side in a song where there's room to laugh at themselves and campaign against postureo.

HIP, You can watch it above.

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“K-pop is such a global phenomenon that within its own genre it already has very different tendencies.
The last ones to return to the stage have been the MAMAMOO girls, and they do it with a theme that breaks a little with what we are used to in the creations that come to us from South Korea.

It is called 'Hip', and it has very dance-like electronic rhythms that are sure to play for a long time among K-pop fans and, thanks to its breaking the norm, also among those who like the dance style.
Come on, you've thought of a bigger audience, and the BET has turned out very well musically: you're on your way to six million reproductions in just 24 hours.“