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Hot Shower

Hot Shower

Released: Oct 28, 2019.
Watch a video clip: «Hot Shower»

Chance the Rapper ft. MadeinTYO & DaBaby has shared a brand new music video for his Hot Shower track.

Chance The Rapper dropped some new visuals for his single “Hot Shower” on Monday (October 28), collaborating with directing team Reel Goats to deliver a video that’s just as comical as it is chaotic.

Chance The Rapper bracht eerder dit jaar zijn langverwachte album The Big Day uit. Het album was geïnspireerd door zijn bruiloft en vandaag dropt hij de video van Hot Shower met MadeinTYO en DaBaby.

Hot Shower, You can watch it above.

Have any of these artists collaborated before?

No. “Hot Shower” marks the first time Chance the Rapper, MadeinTYO, and DaBaby have appeared on a song together with any of the other artists.

“[Verse 1: Chance the Rapper & MadeinTYO]
I got muscles like Superman's trainer, ayy (Ooh)
Real real rare like Super Saiyan manga
I jump stomp-stomp on Lucifer, Satan (Skrrt)
Now I got a few rings on, Jupiter skating (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I meant to say Saturn, switched up the pattern (Blaow)
Smoking on some shatter (Ooh)
Got me higher than a ladder (Ooh)
Thanks, I'm flattered, my baby mama badder (Yeah)
You look like Mick Jagger, oops, the grease splattered (Ooh, ooh) Hot, hot (Ooh)
Jumping out the grease
It's a whole lotta degrees
'Bout to come up out the fleece, fleece, fleece
Shh, I don't wanna hear a peep (Skrr)
Tryna catch some sleep (Yeah), tryna count some sheep (Yeah, yeah)

[Chorus: Chance the Rapper & MadeinTYO]
Hot damn, hot water, hot shower (Brrt)
Hotlanta, smoking green, cauliflower (Ooh, ooh)
Tangerine, yeah, I call her sweet and sour (Yeah)
And my lawyer say it's urgent, I'ma call him in a hour

[Verse 2: Chance the Rapper & MadeinTYO]
Dude, I just called the plug and his phone was unplugged
I was lookin' at Doug like (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
Dude, that shit don't even make no fucking sense
Like having fuckin' arguments for payin' 50 extra cents for barbecue
Saucing on the workers at McDonald's
I don't wanna sit and argue, Good Burger shoulda taught you
We all dudes
And I'm all professional and proper
But my baby mama stopped me in a meeting (Skrrt, skrrt)
Just to AirDrop me some nudes “

Chance the Rapper
- Song, excerpt