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GIMS - Le prix à payer

GIMS - Le prix à payer

GIMS - Le prix à payer
Released: November 28, 2019.

GIMS has shared a brand new music video for his «Le prix à payer» track.

Maître Gims from France made the powerful song Le prix à payer available to public as a part of the album Transcendance. The song has relatively long lyrics, consisting of 2924 characters.

The presence of international artists on this opus is proof that Gims is seeking to break into the international scene. In October 2018, Gims teamed up with Jamaican singer and producer Sting and Shaggy on the song "Gotta get back my baby". He had also collaborated with American rapper Lili Wayne on the title " Corazon ", an extract of Ceinture Noire, his third studio album.

As for Dadju, this is not the first time he has collaborated with his elder brother. It is found in the sides of Gims on the single " You don't see it ", published last year. The two brothers also performed "Bella Ciao" in featuring Naestro, Vitaa and Slimane.

It should be noted that Gims has just released the video of " Miami Vice ", the first single from his next album. The Congolese artist also continues his "Fuego Tour" begun almost two years ago. He is expected at the Stade de France for a great show on September 28.

Gims is among the artists who achieved the best sales in 2018 in France. The star has sold more than 600,000 copies of its latest album. What he puts in the trio of sales heads with Johnny Hallyday, who has sold more than a million records of his posthumous opus "My Country Is Love", and Dadju, with more than 400,000 sales of his Gentleman 2.0.

On the other hand Netflix, the streaming platform of films and series, announced the upcoming release of a documentary film dedicated to the artistic career of the singer from the DRC.

Here is the tracklist of transcendence available on April 26 :

01. Hola Señorita (duet with Maluma)

02. Pirate (duet with J Balvin)

03. In secret (duet with Vitaa)

04. 10/10 (with Dadju & Alonzo)

05. The price to pay

06. Jasmine

07. In the city

08. Miami Vice

09. Naive

10. Na lingui yo

11. I know who you are.

12. Rest (duet with Sting)

13. VBT (Very Bad Trip)

Le prix à payer, You can watch it above.

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“I continued My Journey
I continued My Way, continued My Way
I continued My Way (continue, continue)
I continued My Way, continued My Way

We do things we really regret.
In time I took an oath
I did it sincerely.
We don't forget.
I dream of a life where I sleep wisely
I know I owe you so much.
In time I took an oath
I did it sincerely.
And I say it clearly
I've done things I really regret.

I'm told to give it your best shot.
How many are lost along the way
What would I do if I were you
What would you do if you were me
I'm told, put it in, from yours.
How many have reached out to me
What would I do if I were you
What would you do if you were me“


GIMS - Le prix à payer
-Song, excerpt

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