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Limesoda - WAVE

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Limesoda - WAVE

Released: Oct 04, 2019.
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Fresh video Limesoda - WAVE

So for anyone wondering who the girl with the short brown hair w/ the blonde streak. That’s Teeny. She was apart of the group for a short while and I think the MV & song were recorded with her and then she left. That’s why there’s no close up shots of her and she only appears in the dance sequences. They attempted to edit her out but she has does have the red silhouette and also towards the end you can see her singing

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“I see you every day. My Dream.
You know, it's dim.
You In My Life Alive
Your frame.
I'm not gonna jump.
You In My Life Alive

No one knows.
You're hiding it now.
I don't know anyone, and I don't even know you.
I know you, too.
Heart beat.
You hear me close.
Even when the chest is pounding
Even the smallest tremors“

-But, boy does Wave give us a chorus.