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LINDEMANN - Ach so gern

LINDEMANN - Ach so gern

Released: December 26, 2019.

LINDEMANN has shared a brand new music video for his «Ach so gern» track.

Ach so gern is the seventh song from the album F & M by Lindemann.

Till Lindemann said that there are at least 7 versions of this song. Most of all, he liked the tango version.

There are also Blues and Bossa Nova versions. Also in the same year, till announced that the song would be released as a single from the album.

Ach so gern, You can watch it above.

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“I knew many beautiful women
On this beautiful, wide world
With good reason you can say that,
I was a real womanizer.
It is said of me, I would be charmelos,
So heartless and loveless and frivolous,
They think I forced them,
No, the truth is in between.

Because, oh, I liked to kiss the women
And yet not always on the mouth,
I always wanted to know what it was like,
And kissed me, lips stained.

I kissed her red cheeks,
I just loved everything.
They say I'm sick of desire
So obsessed with mating instinct.
They said I had fallen deep
In a sea of Libido,
They say I'm sick of desire,
You can see that or something.“

-Song, excerpt

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LINDEMANN will embark on a European tour in February.