Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise


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«Tequila Sunrise»

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MB: 6.89
Period: 00:02:59
Format: MP3
Visits: 248
Downloads': 7
Publication: 2021.11.26
Tags: Ukraine, Макс Барских, Russia

Release: November 25. 2021

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Words or lyrics of the song Maks Barskih - Tequila Sunrise

It's been a while since the last message from you
Don't know why I'm missing all the things we've been through
I've got nothing to hide
Would you give me a try, baby

Over and over again
It runs through my head, rhetorical questions
Over and over again
I see you around with a stranger

And I numb my feelings, there's no way to kill 'em
Flashing lights on the ceiling
Blown by tequila sunrise
And I know I'll be better this time
I'll get over you, baby

I'll burn all the bridges and keep all my stitches
Now I can't think clearly
I'm blown by tequila sunrise
I keep dancing and dancing all night
I'll get over you, baby