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Mabel - Loneliest Time Of Year

Mabel - Loneliest Time Of Year

Mabel - Loneliest Time Of Year
Released: December 06, 2019.

Mabel has shared a brand new music video for his «Loneliest Time Of Year» track.

Mabel shuns Christmas on new song ‘Loneliest Time Of Year’

Loneliest Time Of Year, You can watch it above.

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“Sorry I'm not so merry
But I feel like this yearly
Christmas time isn't my vibe
Brings no joy into my life
Watch the snow as it's falling
And I don't feel a damn thing
Only dark in the tree lights
Just another December night

Sleigh bells ringing
Still I feel sad
It'll have you thinking
Of all the things
That you don't have

But I know
If I'm feeling lonely
I can't be the only one
Drowning in my tears
So somebody show me
How am I supposed to have fun
At the loneliest time of year?
The loneliest time of year

[Verse 2]
Can you even imagine
All the people that haven't
Got no presents, no mistletoe
Some are living without a home
Waking up in the morning
And there's nobody calling
All wrapped up in a winter coat
Still longing for someone to hold “

- “sorry I’m not so merry / but I feel like this yearly,” she sings on the track.

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