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CIX - Numb
Released: November 19, 2019.

CIX has shared a brand new music video for his «Numb» track.

The MV follows the CIX members in a classroom as they face darkness in their lives. "Numb" is about wanting to return to days where everything felt more innocent, and it's the title song of their second mini album 'Hello Chapter 2: Hello, Strange Place'.

Numb, You can watch it above.

“A youthful face
Has no expression
Rather than dreaming
They learn to give up
Good and evil is cloudy
Lies that seem real
Knowing it’s wrong
Heads turn away as if they didn’t see
Busy calculating
Closing their eyes and covering their ears
Awful pressure to remain silent
Can’t take it any longer,
can’t breathe Ooh nah nah nah
lift your head Ooh my my my don’t leave it like this“

-Song, excerpt

Watch CIX's "Numb" MV above, and let us know what you think in the comments below.