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EXO 엑소 -Obsession

EXO 엑소 -Obsession

Released: November 27, 2019.

EXO has shared a brand new music video for his «Obsession» track.

After the bad drink of the last few days with the tragic news of K-pop, the musical genre is celebrating with the EXO comeback. It is with the band's sixth album, which is named OBSESSION and which in a matter of minutes has become a worldwide trend. At the first minute on YouTube, the song accumulated 445 views, and ten minutes later three zeros had to be added to the right.

So sweeping are the nine members of EXO, a boy band more veterans that is almost precisely its ninth anniversary. After experimenting with dance, J-pop and even ballads, in the main theme of their last work they get a little more into rap than usual.

Obsession, You can watch it above.

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“As in many of the current groups, the band members spent a lot of time as apprentices before making their debut. Suho was the first member to enter S. M. Entertainment, and was preparing for seven years, during which time the rest gradually joined. Baekhyun and Chen, the lead vocalists, were the last signings, entering through a casting that made the record.
The origin of their name, and as they themselves use in live performances, comes from 'exoplanets'; already with a star vocation since before being musically premiered, they put it thinking about the stars outside our solar system. In case you didn't know, EXO is divided into two subgroups: one Korean (EXO-K) and one for the Chinese market (EXO-M). For Japan they had another division, called EXO-CBX, which in 2016 was quite successful in the Eastern country.“



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