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Gambi - Popopop

Gambi - Popopop

Released: November 04, 2019.

Gambi has shared a brand new music video for his «Popopop» track.

Young rapper from Fontenay-sous-Bois (94), Gambi is considered for many to be the revelation of this end of year 2019. With an offbeat flow, a strong image marked by his sense of fun and gathering, Gambi has conquered a wider audience since joining the team of The Rec label. 118.

After announcing his signature in his music video " La Guenav ", Gambi was able to push the nail a little bit more with the coach "Oulalah" and especially his last single "Hé oh" that propelled him to the rank of phenomenon of the new school year, going to climb #1 of the tops streaming and Youtube in France. Now galvanized by the success of these titles cumulating millions of views on YouTube and streams, Gambi is ready to meet the promising expectations raised in him.

Popopop, You can watch it above.

The best quality of the track "Popopop" in .mp3 format. - listen online and for free

“Here, here, here
A little one smokes a big one
Age doesn't mean anything.
You are hot, you're not
Callate La boca, I have khalass the lawyer
I burned the envelope now I don't have wehda
Alicante, Acapulco, I'm stoned
I put on the couettes of Pucca, Pucca, Pucca
Dance the mapouka
I need some candy. I gotta go to the Paka's.
So Apu, how's the friend?
Mix me up, I'll keep the rest, he's my friend.
Screwing Chapel crackers
I don't answer when the girls call.
There wasn't one, I was hungry (I was hungry))
You say you're selling, but you're selling it just to smoke.)
You're just a client, come on nashave, go get high)
You're lying to us, but I made you up.
I'm in the block, block, ten eu's hiding in the pants, pants
We work in the black, black, we make money in the Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, black, black, black, black, black, black, black, black, black
Popopopop, popopopopop woh
Popopopop, popopopopop woh“

- Song, excerpt