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Rod Wave - Heart On Ice

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Rod Wave - Heart On Ice

Heart On Ice (Remix) feat. Lil Durk

You never know until you try. Rod Wave (Rodarius Marcell Green), the 19-year-old St. Petersburg, Fla., native, was extremely reluctant to jump off in the rap game.

Just two years ago, Rod's father got out of jail and bought him a microphone, coinciding with his brother giving him a computer that he found. Using this starter-level setup to record, Rod Wave made music for fun, not thinking it'd ever move the people.

"I just love making music, bruh. The shit that's goin' on in the music shit, that shit ain't gon' last too long. Poppin' Percs everyday gon' kill ya ass and going to the club every night gets tiring.

But life comes with ups and downs. Life comes with pain. That's what I give the people, what I go through. I really don't wanna talk about none of that other shit. We talk about love, pain, everyday struggles and I feel like that's gonna last the longest."

Rod Wave
- I’m going to blow up because