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TXT-Run Away

TXT-Run Away

TXT has shared a brand new music video for his Run Away track.
Released: Oct 21, 2019.
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TXT Wants You To “Run Away” With Them In First-Ever Comeback MV

Now here's something I'm happy to spend time dissecting. TXT's new single is officially here and believe me when I tell you – It. Is. Flawless.

It's so catchy, beyond infectious, and it will have you up and dancing around your bedroom after just one listen. Somehow, the TXT guys nail it each and every time they release new music.

Honestly, how do they do it?! Of course, their music always contains a deeper meaning. So, what do TXT's "9 and Three Quarters" lyrics mean? Well, if you translate them into English, you'll see they tell an epic story about escape.

Run Away You can watch it above.

“ Looks like everybody's happy but me.
I find it more painful to smile than to cry
Though I try to suppress it every day, though I try to hold on
It's not working very well. I need your hand now.

At times like these, when your eyes fill with tears, hold my hand tight
Should we escape?
We have to be together to get to the hidden platform nine and three quarters.

Bibbidi bobbidi, the train is leaving
Bibbidi bobbidi to our magic island“

- He also says

TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '9와 4분의 3 승강장에서 너를 기다려 (Run Away)' Official MV