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Ed Sheeran - South of the Border

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Ed Sheeran - South of the Border

Released: Oct 4, 2019.
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Fresh video Ed Sheeran - South of the Border

The song was written by Sheeran together with Steve Mac, Camila Cabello, Cardi B, Fred Gibson and Jordan Thorpe, and produced by Sheeran, Steve Mac and Fred.

In the video, Sheeran plays Teddy Fingers, Cabello plays Mariposa, and Cardi B appears as herself alongside actress Alexis Ren as Scarlet Jones and actor Paul Karmiryan as Agent X.

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“She got the mmm, brown eyes, caramel thighs
Long hair, no wedding ring, hey
I saw you lookin' from across the way
And now I really wanna know your name
She got the mmm, white dress,
but when she’s wearin' less
Man, you know that she drives me crazy
The mmm, brown eyes, beautiful smile
You know I love watching
you do your thing“

Ed Sheeran
- He also says