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Stray Kids-Double Knot

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Stray Kids-Double Knot

Released: Oct 09, 2019.
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On October 9, the group Stray Kids, released their single “Double Knot”

Written and primarily produced by members Bang Chan, Han, and Changbin — also known as 3RACHA — "Double Knot" combines elements of hip-hop, trap, and EDM to a powerful effect. It's a song about taking control of your own destiny, of owning your story without following a singular path, and running full speed into the unknown.

“Double Knot” is the first single ahead of Stray Kids' Clé 3 : LEVANTER. The song features a heavy hip-hop influence over their EDM anthem-style reminiscent of their debut track District 9.

The track’s music video was shot in Los Angeles while the group was there for KCONLA 2019.