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Summer Walker - Playing Games

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Summer Walker - Playing Games

Released: Oct 08, 2019.
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Summer Walker - Playing Games

Walker's dominance continues by flipping traditional gestures on their heads. First, Walker ignores the sentimental imagery of a man bringing her flowers. Next, she turns the idea of cooking and gender roles into something dangerous.

While she's cutting a zucchini, Walker decides to throw the knife which narrowly misses a man that's plastered to the wall. The focus continues to be on Walker as she plays a racing game on a Playstation while Bryson Tiller, who doesn't actually appears in the video, croons the outro.

Summer Walker - Playing Games. You can watch it above.

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“Whip, bought it
Crib, got it
Job, on it
Did I ever ask you take me to go
Shopping in Paris or go
Sailing overseas and just
Drape me in Gucci? No

All I ever asked was you to
Pick up the phone when you're alone
All I ever asked was you to
Show me some love, kisses and hugs
No I never had an issue
Go to the club with your boys, baby I
Never wanted you to stay too long
Just wanted you to show me off

So won't you say my name, say my name
If you claim you want me, it ain't no thang
You actin' kinda shady, you ain't been callin' me, "Baby"
Boy, you can go and stop playing games, playing games“

Summer Walker
- Summer Walker Lyrics