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The Who "WHO": Guys again in full order!

The Who "WHO": Guys again in full order!

The new album of the legendary The Who is monolithic and flawless, as it always was in the best times of the group.

What could be the album of the great band of the 1960s and 70s, in which the two surviving veteran musicians are well over 70, and the album itself is the first work of the band in the last 13 years (and the third in the last 37)?

Dull and sluggish grandfather's songs in the spirit of approximate rock ' n ' roll, which will listen only to the peers of musicians and their most stubborn fans?

And here is and there is no: 12 th Studio album groups The Who demonstrates speed incredible and time to devalue all attempts young and conditional support young groups with names, beginning with article "the", anew reinvent real British rock.

With such a final work as the who album, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey will definitely not be offended to retire.

The Who invented the image of a loud and heroic concert band, which was then successfully used by Mature Led Zeppelin in their conquest of the world.

«Music groups The Who can be called only rock ' n ' roll, and raze otherwise. In it not hear influences nor folk, nor Blues. All that influenced The Who is rock and roll itself»,

Jann Simon Wenner
- editor-in-chief of the American magazine Rolling Stone Jann Simon Wenner

And let in every decade with 60's the very the notion of "rock'n'roll" meant very different music, participants The Who always perfectly were able Express the crux of the this music in concrete moment time.

We must not forget that since the debut of the record exactly 55 years ago (November 1964), The Who has always sounded extremely English-in contrast to the same Led Zeppelin. This, of course, is due to the band's leader, guitarist and main composer Pete Townsend – one of the brightest rock writers of his generation with an instantly recognizable melodic and arranging approach to the material, no matter how simple or complex this material may be.

Speaking about the classic period of The Who (1964-1978), in no case should we underestimate the contribution to the work of the outstanding and, unfortunately, the late rhythm section-wild drummer and real rock star Keith moon (1946-1978) and bass guitarist John Entwistle (1944-2002), with whom the group at concerts with one guitar Pete sounded pompous, rich and incredibly powerful.

And now Pete and Roger realize that "WHO" will surely be the last work of the band – and therefore the desire to return to their best musical times is easily explained. But it's one thing – the desire and desire (it is in any elderly rocker is), and quite another-the ability to cope with this difficult task.

All the more, when on your shoulders hangs such burden, as name of a real rock legends.

'I Don't Wanna Get Wise' from The Who's new studio album WHO, released on 6 December 2019.

With all this, "WHO" can not be called a commissioned album-inheriting all the creative techniques, not once tried in the classics of the group, the novelty gives the impression of work recorded by young, but already experienced musicians, all together for the most part playing as fingers on the neck lie down.

That's why "WHO" is absolutely impossible to call "grandfather's album", and in the voice of Roger Daltrey age is almost not felt.