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Tric Or Treat

Tric Or Treat

Released: Oct 30, 2019.
Watch a video clip: «Tric Or Treat»

Young Dolph has shared a brand new music video for his Tric Or Treat

Young Dolph is back with his first release since his collaborative album with Key Glock, Dum & Dummer. Produced by Pyrex, “Tric or Treat” finds the 34-year-old rapper recalling his rise to prominence.

Pyrex comes through with creeping pianos on “Tric or Treat,” sounding like something straight out of a horror film. All the while, Dolph delves into his origin story only as he can. The Halloween-themed video for the single then features Young Dolph stunting in front of his Rolls-Royce, with dozens of Jack-o’-lanterns burning beside him.

Tric Or Treat, You can watch it above.

“Once upon a time it was a lil n---- from south memphis
Umm I think they call ’em Dolph
About 2009 that lil n---- started rappin’ but he said he gonna be his own boss
2010 he jumped his first mixtape “welcome to Dolph world” and he took off
Wait, pause let me slow down a second
Ask lil wook I came in the game reckless
Ask the f--- n---- I came in the game flexing
Yeah he came in the game flexing
I remember 2011 a major label came at me and they tried to give me a 2 mill (wait a minute)
I gave him a hand shake and looked ’em in his eyes
And said nah but I’lltalk to you in 2 years
Ask every bad b---- in memphis and the gonna tell you he smoke the best weed
And he got the sack
And them lil n----- can’t pull up like me
With a hunnind n---- and hunnid racks
The streets ain’t never seen no s--- like that
My first shoe ever made them give me 5 thousand
Rep it in my city and throw it in the crowd
I been turned up every since b----, look at me now
I remember after that night I told my moma that your son about to be a star
Fell asleep plenty of night’s on that circular garage in my race car
All the bad b---- on my radar
Pull up by myself with the ar
Come through in a coupe like hey y’all“

Young Dolph
- Young Dolph – Tric Or Treat Lyrics