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Twenty One Pilots told how their new album can turn out

Twenty One Pilots told how their new album can turn out

The musicians have already started work on a new album

Twenty One Pilots talked about how their next album might turn out and how they feel after touring.

The band's drummer Joshua William Dun was interviewed by KROQ radio. He said that the musicians went underground hard (in 2017, the band announced the end of the era of "Blurryface" and disappeared from the radar).

official video for "The Hype" from the album 'TRENCH'

Dan admitted that he was worried about the band's lack of productivity between tours. According to him, after the end of the tour, the musicians experience psychological discomfort. They think that if they don't give concerts, nobody listens to them.

He also spoke a little about the band's possible new album. According to Dan, he doesn't know if the new record will be conceptual. But Twenty One Pilots have always wanted to do what pushes them forward.

The Duo's latest album "Trench" was released in October. It tells the story of the allegorical city of Dema and the nine dictator bishops preventing the inhabitants from escaping, as well as the rebel forces - "Bandito".