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vsyo srazu

vsyo srazu

Released: Oct 2, 2019.
Watch a video clip: «All at once»

THE HATTERS has shared a brand new music video for his "all at once" track

The Hatters ("Hatters") — Russian Gypsy-folk-rock band, founded in 2016[1] in St. Petersburg. In the main part of the group included Yuriy Muzychenko, Paul LeCadeau, Alexander "Kicker" Anisimov, Dmitry Vechernin, Vadim steering, Anna Muzychenko, Anna LeCadeau, Tair Kozhakhmetov.

All at once, You can watch it above.

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“Look, I need it all at once
Today, no, not tomorrow. All at once
Hey, grandpa! I'm here to pick it up
I need a day and a night, a plane and a ladder
Listen, grandfather, I want all take
And I'll pay for everyone at the bar again

[Pre-chorus: Yuri Muzychenko]
You say, " It doesn't happen"
So what?! So what?!
After all, all who walk on the edge
Here for dream

[Chorus, Yuri Muzychenko]
I so want and point
I need everything at once
And all refusals will resolve
All, nah*th all, and immediately“

- Song, excerpt