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Conor Maynard - Waste Your Time

Conor Maynard - Waste Your Time

Released: Oct 5, 2019.
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Lyric Video Waste Your Time

Conor Maynard. My new one 'Waste Your Time' is out now. I’ll love you in all of the ways that they don’t And help you pick up all the pieces they broke
I promise I’ll always be with you ‘cause
You don’t wanna waste your time.

“Working full-time at a job you hate
Tryna pay your bills but you’re always late
Had a couple dreams back when you was a teen
But responsibilities meant it had to wait
You got a bunch of friends but you feel alone
They try and get you out but you stay at home
They wanna hit the club but you wanna fall in love
With somebody you can trust ‘cause there’s been…

Too many times that your heart has been let down
And you’re picking up pieces from the ground
And you feel like screaming out
But there’s no one to help out
Too many times you been told that they can change
But they don’t, yeah, they always stay the same
And leave you in the pouring rain
I’m right here to tell you I won’t “

Conor Maynard
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