Unklfnkl - Persian Lane

Новинки иностранной музыки. 2023 год
Unklfnkl - Persian Lane

Unklfnkl - Persian Lane

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She virago,
Soul mulatto
Girl bravado walking with Pablo

She no angel,
Con diablo
Made a deal now she win da lotto

Wanna be her
Only fan cuz
She's an artist
Pussy wettest

Got me spending
Got me spinning
Like a record
On my serrato

You can't buy my love
But we could still be friends
If money ain’t a problem
Buy me a brand new Benz
I’ll be your fake girlfriend
In the Persian lane
I'll take you for a fast ride
In my Mercedes Benz

MB: 3.34
Длина трека: 00:02:24
Формат: MP3
Просмотров: 659
Скачиваний: 15
Релиз: 2023.10.06
Теги: дэнс, Unklfnkl, электронная музыка

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Unklfnkl - Persian Lane

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