I Don't Really Care

I Don't Really Care

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Publication: 2021.11.02
Tags: French Montana, USA, RAp

Release: October 29, 2021

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French Montana - I Don't Really Care

[Verse] I don't really care
I make trends and forget about 'em
You know I'm still stuntin' through the virus
Word to Gambino, I'm acting childish
I'm the biggest bad boy since Wallace
I don't really care
And them twenty cars you rappin' 'bout
I spent that on the Bugatti, actin' out
Two milli, that's what that's about
I don't really care
In case you forgot, in case you forgot
Montana been had the city wildin'
And came through with Khloe down the city island
Sanaa Lathan, Demi Lovato
Iggy in Cabo, bitch, I been viral
I don't really care
Top three, top three, top three snipes
I took a time off, now they got amnesia
Like I ain't do it with a African Visa
Tell my competition I'll be here tomorrow